[PD] Resizing an array according do size of sound file

Ben Carney bfcarney at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 18:12:31 CET 2007

Hello everyone,

I have been using pd for a few months straight now and I am liking it very much.

one hurdle that I am not quite able to get over is this:

            I need to resize an array based on a new peice of audio
being fed into it.

my patch is set up something like this (much simplified to better
illustrate the problem)


|                                              ________________
|                                             |table sampleplayer1|
|           tabplay~ sampleplayer1
|             |
|             |

recieving subpatch

tabwrite~ -resize sampleplayer1


the problem here is that it thinks that -resize is part of the table
name, not a function of tabwrite,

I have tried using soundfiler, and that will resize a sample, but I
need direct audio here and not a soundfile loaded externally.

does anyone have any suggestions here? I hope I have been clear enough
to make some sense of this.

much thanks in advance,


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