[PD] Multiple videos on different Screens with gem

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 13 10:26:53 CET 2007

Robert Gruendler wrote:
>> Perhaps even Hans managed to get his VLC remote control through PD to
>> work, which could mean having a fullscreen VLC on each screen (I'm not
>> sure if vlc is multi-screen aware though.
> I managed to play a 5 screen-wide video fullscreen on 5 projectors using vlc.
> For anyone who's interested: VLC has a "wall" plugin which is capable
> of splitting
> one video into several windows, which then can be set to fullscreen on each
> display seperately, resulting in one big fullscreen video.
> This is pretty useful when the gemwin rendering area is limited by your graphics
> hardware, as it was in my case.'

another option if of course to use chromium [1], which also allows to 
render an openGL-scene in arbitrary setups (walls, cave-like, ...)

Gem does work with chromium, but personally i have never used it (apart 
from ensuring that it does work)


[1] http://chromium.sourceforge.net/

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