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Ypatios Grigoriadis ypatios at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 12:37:43 CET 2007

Hello everyone!

I work with pd for about 3 years. Right from the beginning (or almost..) i
ran into the following problem:

table look up with [tabread4~] is great for small array but, due to 32bit
floating resolution, if the array is of a certain length and longer, look up
can not be so exact. The result is distortion.

I am not a programmer so i could not find the solution myself.

I wrote then to the list and i got feedback for the problem but only info.
No practical solution.

Thanks to IOhannes there is a new object that takes 2 signals to specify the
position for the look up which makes it way more precise (this idea came
originally from my professor Gerhard Eckel).

[tabread4~~] which you can find in the latest zexy lib.

I tested the object but not in many ways yet.... it seems to be stable

I am also making a small -help patch for the object which i will soon post
(if it's ok with IOhannes..)

So thank you IOhannes for your time and effort! I am really grateful.

(Sorry if i was too greedy the other day about the [vline~~]... but it's all
for the Art!!!)

YpatIOs. ... :-)
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