[PD] who is using [entry]?

dmotd dmotd at gmx.net
Wed Nov 14 15:09:28 CET 2007


  i second franks suggestion of prepending a 'tk' to the
  object, this seems quite self explanitory. a tk.text would
  work for me, afterall these are quite explicit tk objects
  and would have no use outside of the tk environment. i'm
  not sure about a '/' however as it may confuse the concept
  of 'lib/object' namespacing.. anyhow good work on
  hcs/bbogarts part.. nice to see tot/toxy/etc is becoming
  unecessary these days.. 

  completely out of the loop,


Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> Hans-Christoph Steiner hat gesagt: // Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> > I want to keep the same names as the Tk widgets, that's why I chose  
> > that name.  That way it's very easy to use the Tk docs for these  
> > widgets.  The options are the same too.  It will be in the lib  
> > tkwidgets, so tkwidgets/text will always be possible.  Hopefully this  
> > doesn't cause any problems.
> > These are the widgets I plan on implementing:
> > 
> > http://puredata.info/dev/TkWidget
> I think, that's a cool list of objects to have and it's great that
> you're working on it. The names in Tk are very generic, though, which
> is understandable for Tk itself, as it's largely self-contained. But
> in Pd, there's even another [scale] waiting to clash with existing
> objects and (private) abstractions, that's why maybe a short,
> quickly-to-type namespace should be obligatory. What about [tk/scale]?
> Ciao

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