[PD] Documents on trapezoid~ ?

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Wed Nov 14 16:40:50 CET 2007


I've been reading through each of the files as you posted them.
The fix in each new post saved me from asking some basic questions :)
Thanks a bunch!

Here's a quick one I'd like to ask if you don't mind,
A lot of what happens in the higher layers of your patch makes
sense, until I look under [pd crossfade].

First of all, the object in the upper right corner [!- 1]
appears as a broken object in my pd-extended(Win) environment.
Can you please tell me which library contains this object?

Also, you obviously know the usage of trapezoid~ as it is in
action right in your patch. Can you please tell me if you know
of any resources describing the usage for each of the in&outlets?
I am assuming it is documented in the Max/MSP manual.
The latest I could find online was for version 4.5 and did not
contain notes on trapezoid~ (and actually pong~ too...)

David Shimamoto

Patrice Colet wrote:
> Patrice Colet a écrit :
>> PSPunch a écrit :
>>> Hi Hans,
>>> Thanks for the reply.
>>>  > I am guessing it's a windowing function, but that's a guess.
>>> I figured so. It was brought up while discussing methods of smoothly
>>> cross fading between samples.
>>> Frankly speaking, this object may not be critical for my projects.
>>> I was feeling uncomfortable of the fact that there is an object
>>> that loads properly in pd-extended (thanks to the community's efforts)
>>> which originates from Max/MSP, and yet, I could not find any material
>>> on how to operate it.
>>> I thought this would be a good chance to ask how others get
>>> around learning objects not documented in depth... other than
>>> diving into the source code.
>> Hello, I've made once a crossfading patch for testing trapezoid~, I 
>> hope this could help.
> It's me again, the attached patch is trapezoid~ in action, working good 
> this time, sorry for multiple posting.

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