[PD] camera angle

Raphaël ILIAS raphael.ilias at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 14 22:52:05 CET 2007


i'm working on a project with gem and i would really be glad if i knew how to change the "angle" of the viewpoint. i tried with [view a b c d e( msg to to the gemwin or with the [camera] object but got nothing like that. i searched in help-files, examples and the html manual but found nothing about it. In project there is a 3D-model that represents a building. I would like it to be impressive but with every camera position i tried, the building appears ridiculous, like a toy (because of perspective i think), or i go "underground" (i mean under the horizontal [square] that represents the ground), or i get a "fish-eye"-like impression. if i move the camera close to the model, it is cuted and we see the inside of the Geo.
has anyone got an idea ?



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