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marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 23:18:11 CET 2007

there is a rough version of a viewpoint/world controlling object. it has 
2 modes, one allows you to move like in a 3d game world and the other 
one lets you interact like in a modelling program like maya. (I am not 
sure if it works on windows, though...) you interact with mouse and 
ctrl/alt in your gemwin.
if you want to do something more basic, have a look at the helpfile for 
the viewing vector is
* camera location (xyz). that is the position of your camera
* viewing point (xyz). that is where you look at
* up vector (XYZ). that will tell the camera where "up" is. think of the 
last one as when you are piloting an airplain that turns around its 
length axis. the airplain position and the viewing point postion is not 
enough information to tell where "up" is... by default "up vector" is 0 
1 0. (pointing "upward" along the y axis).
then use something like [viewpoint 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 1 0( as a message to 

Raphaël ILIAS wrote:
> hi
> i'm working on a project with gem and i would really be glad if i knew how to change the "angle" of the viewpoint. i tried with [view a b c d e( msg to to the gemwin or with the [camera] object but got nothing like that. i searched in help-files, examples and the html manual but found nothing about it. In project there is a 3D-model that represents a building. I would like it to be impressive but with every camera position i tried, the building appears ridiculous, like a toy (because of perspective i think), or i go "underground" (i mean under the horizontal [square] that represents the ground), or i get a "fish-eye"-like impression. if i move the camera close to the model, it is cuted and we see the inside of the Geo.
> has anyone got an idea ?
> thanks
> raphaël
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