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On 15/11/2007, Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca> wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Nov 2007, Charles Henry wrote:
> > Zen master Dogen tells us that we say time is passing because we live in
> > time.  In fact, we are passing in time, and time stays exactly where it
> > is.
> time seen as the 4th space dimension is also a result of
> Einstein-Minkowski theory. It wasn't the only step in that direction, not
> the first step, but it was a major shift. There's a version of Pythagoras'
> theorem for that space-time, in which the only difference between space
> and time is that they have a different sign. Thus time is a kind of space
> with a scale factor equal to square root of -1. (You may also get to this
> scale factor by fiddling with the wave equation.)
> Whether time "moves" or "stays exactly where it is" is a metaphysical
> question: you can't make an experiment that distinguishes the two
> possibilities. Thus it's just a matter of how we explain things to
> ourselves.
> > Maybe we can find 2-D time through transcendance. hmmm an external for
> that?
> I think that there is hope in reversing the roles of time and space in
> equations, such that you have 1-D space and 3-D time. I don't think that
> we'd be able to get to exactly 2-D time. Thus I believe that there is more
> hope in [line~~~] than in [line~~].
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> As far as I am concerned, time is just one of the two main dimensions in
music, the one that allows the other one(pitch/frequency) to exist, or at
least to be realisable by my ears and brain.

If i may now borrow the theory and terminus Arrow of time by Arthur
Eddington, according to which time is the fourth dimension in space, it has
a direction and moves only to this direction, making everything in the past
clear and stable, but leaving the future uncertain.
(One could wonder: Exactly how straight is this axis? Could it bend and go
back? Of course! In music this is called a "reprise".)

So, is there ever going to be a [line~~]? Only "time" can tell.


p.s.: Oh, glorious Wikipedia, you saved me once more! (I really should
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