[PD] Way of getting CPU load in PD

B. Bogart bbogart at goto10.org
Thu Nov 15 17:56:06 CET 2007

Thanks all for the feedback,

Perhaps I'll look into making a set of abstractions for such thing,
parsing top output in PD (as not to depend on pyx) does not seem all
that fun though.

I think I found the problem, and will know in 6 days.

I has reinstalled the kernel and forgot to add the noapm acpi=off kernel
flags to grub. Without these linux nvidia drivers are not stable. I
think that is the culprit as it has caused freezes in the past (and I
did notice that it was X that froze, not PD, since I was unable to kill X)

FYI I only do installations in -nogui. ;)

In case anyone is interested, and was not at pd-conv here is some info
on the project:



John Harrison wrote:
> if you have continual output to the Pd console, the symptoms are
> similar to a memory leak as the console buffer is never emptied. This
> has bitten me before with crashes on long-term installations. Start pd
> with -stderr so the output goes to the terminal and see if it still
> crashes?
> On Nov 14, 2007 4:17 PM, B. Bogart <bbogart at goto10.org> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Anyhow have an abstraction laying around that gives the current CPU
>> load? I'm trying to track down a freeze in my long term installation,
>> and so far I have no indication of why it froze. Perhaps an ever
>> increasing CPU load could give me a suspect...
>> Thanks,
>> B. Bogart
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