[PD] Audio drops when drawing tables/ non selectable structure

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Fri Nov 16 14:29:25 CET 2007

Hi Gilberto:

the two main things that cause audio dropouts in PD besides CPU overload 

1) Writing to visible tables/arrays

2) Hard drive access

These problems have to do with the graphics engine and threading 
protocol of (Miller's) PD, and there's not much you can do to your 
computer to improve them, I'm afraid. Some other community-developed 
versions of PD have tried to correct these shortcomings (search for 
"threaded sound filer" for example), but I'm not sure how far any of 
them got.

The solution for 1) is to hide your table/array in a subpatch.

The solution for 2) is to find a way to write your data to RAM rather 
than directly to the HD.

Some people on this list have suggested RAMdisks for storing samples and 
arrays so they can be read/written without disk access. You might check 
the archive for some of those mails.

good luck,

gilberto bernardes wrote:
> Dear list
> I'm recording  arround 2-5 seconds of sound in real time and drawing it 
> into a table. During this procedure I'm also making a textfile with all 
> the points of the array. During this procedure the audio drops for a 
> brief moment.
> Can someone tell me all the procedures I can do to try to avoid them. 
> Maybe can I try to puch the performance of my computer to some extreme 
> to try to have better results?
> --------------------------------------
> Another completly different question, can someone tell me if it's 
> possible to add some kind of flag to a struct object in a  data 
> structures patch to not be able to select an object in the drawing window?
> (also could someone give an example of how to incorporate those flags in 
> the struct object, or drawing object)
> Thanks in advance,
> Gilberto Bernardes
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