[PD] [GEM] pix_artoolkit

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Nov 19 09:32:08 CET 2007

patrick wrote:
> hi johannes,
> sorry this is not an answer... 

i have no anser either.
[pix_artoolkit] was a backport from Shigeyuki Hirai's "gem4max" project.
chances are high that there are example patches in the gem4max project 
(http://gem4max.sf.net); else you might ask shigeyuki directly.

> how did you manage to compile Gem with 
> artoolkit. this is what i did:
> - compile artoolkit 2.72.1
> - configure gem with ./configure 
> --with-artoolkit-includes=/home/pat/11h11/yeux/artoolkit/include 
> --with-artoolkit-libs=/home/pat/11h11/yeux/artoolkit/lib
> but i get:
> checking for PKG_ARTOOLKIT_CFLAGS...
> checking for PKG_ARTOOLKIT_LIBS...
> checking for artoolkit-config... no
> checking for arInitCparam in -lAR... no

weird that it doesn't find it.
could you try to see whether it works if you use the PKG_ARTOOLKIT_... 
environment variables instead? like:

PKG_ARTOOLKIT_CFLAGS="-Ihome/pat/11h11/yeux/artoolkit/include" \
PKG_ARTOOLKIT_LIBS="-L/home/pat/11h11/yeux/artoolkit/lib -lAR" \

(or whatever)


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