[PD] installing netpd under gentoo using layman error maxlib

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Tue Nov 20 16:59:18 CET 2007

> the Makefiles in the pd CVS tree are very are definetly not good.
> they needs fixing globaly.
> who is responsible for the CVS ?
> i think that all of them have to be generalised ,so we can easiely build
> anything.
> i do everything manually on my system,
> cause quite a few makefiles try to use -m32 in CFLAGS and many of them
> need -fPIC to be added.
> there basic externals , which don't have any ./configure part, i think
> we need to work on those first , leaving Gem and DataFlow aside ..
> also there is acouple of external which have duplicated objects.
> i'm not totaly experienced with writing from the scratch makefiles, but
> i could help checking it out on amd64 (gentoo)..
> and hopefully mac-ppc (obsd) soon as well.

heh, it would be a definitely GOOD THING to tidy up our build systems.

but HOW?

one solution could be modularizing and hierarchicalizing Makefiles....
perhaps pd-extended build system uses this approach (Hans, can you
spend some words here?).

another approach could be auto*-tools, but I don't know anything about that.
if anyone has experience with that and he thinks it is reasonable to
use autoconf/automake.... it would be appreciated if he can write some
lines on the wiki, describing a standardized build procedure for
externals based on autotools

writing Makefiles it means much more than making a bunch of C files to compile.

the end user just use the compile part, but other environments (see
the Gentoo build system) use more advanced Makefiles features.

I just mention some:
- CC, STRIP, LD, ...  variables can override the default programs
- DESTDIR is used as filesystem root for staged installs
- test target is used to perform tests
- CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS *must* be honored instead of hardcoding CFLAGS
(like -march, -mcpu, -funroll-loops, -fomit-frame-pointer, -fpipe,
...) into Makefiles

I wrote very few externs (notemono, tracker) and I should admit even
my makefiles are broken and don't respect all of the above features

writing a Makefile by hand is a PITA and much error-prone :|

just my 0.02 Euro
Federico Ferri

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