[PD] installing netpd under gentoo using layman error maxlib

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 20 18:07:14 CET 2007

errordeveloper at gmail.com wrote:
>>> also there is acouple of external which have duplicated objects.
>> what do you mean here?
>> nameclashes? duplicated functionality? aliases?
> yeah ..i can't remenber, but when i used my strategy:
> #'
> foreach pde (`find -iname '*.pd_linux'`)
> ln -s $pde /opt/audio/lib/pd/ext/cvs-all/
> end
> #'
> i found some file with the same names .., and they seemd to copy some stuff
> from on external directory into anothr in order to resolvetheir little
> dependency , i suppose ..
> such things should be included in some guidelines may be, if we wish to
> have any guide lines as such .

there are several solutions to this (and have been discussed to death on 
this list before)

one of them is to use prefixes (see "libdir")
another one is to avoid nameclashes in the 1st place (needs a lot of 
communication); a start for a centralized repository of object-names is 
the pdpedia project.


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