[PD] [PD-announce] GridFlow 0.9.0

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Nov 20 21:22:41 CET 2007


version 0.9.0 (2007.11.20):

  * new object classes: [#slice], [#sort], [#line_to_polygon].
  * rewrote some object classes from Ruby to Pd.
  * split compilation of the LTIlib support allows to compile
    it with reasonable amounts of RAM.
  * new classes: [seq_fold], [#seq_fold], [#.var], [#noise_gate_yuvs]
  * updated [#camera]
  * added PWC-specific options: framerate white_mode white_red white_blue
    white_speed white_delay auto_gain compression noise_reduction
  * added "pwc" option in [#camera], for enabling PWC-specific options.
  * colorspace conversion directly in [#in videodev] (faster)
  * grid messages no longer contain dim and numbertype (just a pointer)
  * GridOutlet: added set_chunk (so set_factor is obsolete)
  * removed GridFlow menu
  * faster [#inner] for small matrix sizes
  * GridFlow won't work in plain Ruby anymore (without Pd)
  * removed [pd_netsend] [jmax_udpsend] [jmax4_udpsend] [pd_netreceive]
    [jmax_udpreceive] [jmax4_udpreceive] [printargs] [rubyprint]
  * removed Type.rb and Contract.rb and their use in videodev.c
  * [#in quicktime]: added workaround for jpeg_quality problem
  * [#in quicktime]: added method "get", that produces message "frames"
    that gives the number of frames in a video
  * [#out]: added method "autoclose"
  * removed old documentation: *-icon.png
  * renamed [#export]        to [#to_float]
  * renamed [#export_list]   to [#to_list]
  * renamed [#export_symbol] to [#to_symbol]
  * renamed [#export_pix]    to [#to_pix]
  * fixed 256MB limit bug
  * fixed reassign bug

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