[PD] Question about PDP and Packet Forth

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Wed Nov 21 03:13:30 CET 2007

Mike McGonagle wrote:
> I have been noticing the PDP stuff in PD for quite sometime, and so far, 
> all I could figure out is that it is for video processing. The docs that 
> I see make references to it being based on Packet Forth, but am I 
> correct in thinking that PDP itself does not provide a Forth interpreter 
> that can be used in and of itself?

I think that impression is a bit misleading.  PDP afaik is not based on 
PacketForth, rather PF is the "next generation" of PDP, with both a 
standalone Forth interpreter and a Pd embedding thereof.  PDP is still 
maintained, so there will be bugfixes for changes in Pd and other 
libraries etc, but I imagine there won't be many new features.

"Active projects include Packet Forth"
"PDP temporarily on hold"


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