[PD] [Pd] Writing subpatch contents, was Re: [Csnd] Writing subpatch contents

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 21 10:20:10 CET 2007

hard off hat gesagt: // hard off wrote:

> as far as i can tell, ssaad just saves the state of sliders, arrays
> etc that are already a part of the patch...
> but what chuck needs is a way to save different combos of these gui
> objects.

sssad is in no way tied to sliders or something, it *is* tied to
messages however. 

[sssad] can save any list message composed of symbols and numbers,
i.e. it doesn't save pointers, gemlists or similar kinds of data, but
most of the time you don't want to save these anyway or as with
pointers, their underlying data already has its own saving mechanism.

As we still don't know what exactly Chuck is trying to save except
that it can also be represented by a subpatch, I'm still confident
that sssad can handle it, because even subpatches are just made of
messages, which sssad was made to handle.

sssad works by intercepting and eavesdropping the flow of messages at
listening points defined by the user through inserting a [sssad NAME]
object. On a "save" command, the sssad objects will send out the last
message they heard at their position, tagged with the user-defined
names, to a global receiver from where they can be collected and saved
to a file or message box or whatever. On a "restore" command, the
stored, tagged messages get sent back to their respective sssad
objects and will be inserted into the flow of messages at the sssad
objects' positions. So you can use sssad everywhere you need to take a
snapshot of the last messages sent. No sliders necessary.

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