[PD] OT : Ubuntu Studio and 64Studio

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 21 10:24:12 CET 2007

altern hat gesagt: // altern wrote:

> could anyone give some feedback on differences, advantages, 
> disadvantages about using Ubuntu Studio vs 64Studio? I have been using 
> Ubuntu Studio for a few months but I am not so happy with it since I 
> upgraded to Gutsy.
> i want to use it for PD, Supercollider, Python programming, and will be 
> using it with a firewire soundcard. I read in a general music forums 
> that 64Studio is more efficient and reliable but I would like to hear 
> from somebody doing similar work as me.

64studio and Ubuntustudio aren't much different in itself, in fact,
they even share a lot of packages taken from Debian. For example the
pd-packages on both are the same. The desktop may be configured
differently, though, but that's a per-user-setting, which you can
change of course. So I wouldn't bother with reinstalling the system
completely, but instead configure the system so you like it. Maybe use
a diffferent window manager or build your own kernel? What exactly is
wrong with your machine?

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