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Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Thu Nov 22 04:00:20 CET 2007

Hi Josh,

The "t" is an abbreviation for "trigger". You might want to check out 
the help file for [trigger].

Basically, computers are dumb animals, and need to be told exactly what 
to do and in what order, or else they get confused and don't do things 
the way you expect. [trigger] is a message sequencer which says "first 
do this, then do this, then do this" in a right-to-left order.

The "f" and the "b" stand for "float" (a floating point number, ie. a 
number with a decimal place) and "bang" (a message which many objects 
interpret as "do this action now").In PD-speak, these are known as 
"creation arguments" (extra information used when the object [trigger] 
is created).

So, whenever [trigger] gets an input, it outputs things in this 
right-to-left order.

If [trigger bang bang float] (or [t b b f] for short) gets the message 
"5" (a float), then it would output the following, in order:


Bangs are often used when dealing with "hot" and "cold" inlets. Check 
the manual.

I've written a bit more about it in this tutorial:


(Slightly unfinished, but in the works...)

Otherwise, the HTML PD manual and the Control Examples patches in PD 
(keywords = order of operations, hot and cold inlets) explain it as well.


Josh Lawrence wrote:
> hello all,
> spending some time tonight downloading patches and messing with them
> in an attempt to learn something.  I'm seeing a few instances of
> something that looks like this:
> t b b f
> or something to that effect.  can someone shed some light on what this does?

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