[PD] performance on osX

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Thu Nov 22 20:57:28 CET 2007

thanks all for your answer.
yes, switching to jack improve performance, but it still not as good as in linux (i use oss).

i was able to use this computer for 2 days (it's not mine), so now i can't make more test.
i did not have time to install a newer version of tcltk. does pd-extended (nightly build) use standard version of tk, or a better one? (using nightly build did not change anything)

Derek : do you know if this performance problem happend only with pd, or also with other software?


Derek Holzer a écrit :
> Hi Cyrille,
> cyrille henry wrote:
>> now, i'd like to understand why the same computer on osX is about 2 
>> time slower.
> I've been asking myself that for years!!! I have 1.67 GHz PPC G4, and I 
> never use OSX for live work, only Linux. It's true, the exact same 
> patches on OSX are twice as slow on the same computer as on Linux. I've 
> brought this up on the list many times, but the only solutions were to 
> get into compiling against better native versions of some of the 
> supporting software such as Tcl/Tk and X11 instead of relying on the 
> Aqua interface, which adds most of the burden. I don't recall all the 
> things that needed to be done...largely had to do with graphics 
> interface (surprise surprise!)
> But I didn't get too far into it. I've moved away from 
> development/testing in the last couple years due to increasingly busy 
> performance schedule. Easier to reboot into Linux and get on with the 
> show! Maybe check the archives and see if it's something you want to get 
> involved with fixing (as was suggested to me when I complained about it).
> best,
> d.

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