[PD] pd-ext: help files not found

robbert van hulzen robbert at nocount.org
Sat Nov 24 01:01:08 CET 2007

patrick wrote:

>> and finally, not just the help of [coll] is not working with a
>> right-click, all of them!

i have the same problem. i filed a bug report a little while ago, which
seems to be the thing to do in cases like this.
with my limited understanding, i'm thinking it's to do with the helpfiles
not (anymore?) living next to what they refer to, but in the 5.reference
section. you can open them through the browser--if you know or are willing
to find out what library the object you want to know about belongs to.
can someone explain why the helpfiles live in (subdirectories in)
5.reference and if there's a way to make pd find them?
cheers, robbert

mac osx 10.4.10, 15" G4 PB 1.67 GHz, 1 GB ram

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