[PD] Pd + asterisk?

Chris lists at proquariat.de
Mon Nov 26 20:42:56 CET 2007

Ok, here is my script (it wasn't a AGI-script), a really really short
one. It doesn't give any information back to asterisk, because i didn't
need that information. But this should be _really_ easy to implement
into a real AGI-script.
You will need python and the simpleosc lib from


exten => 5599,1,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=300)
exten => 5599,2,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=300)
exten => 5599,3,Answer()
exten => 5599,4,Read(digit,beep,1)
exten => 5599,5,System(/path/to/osc.py 10000 ${digit}) ; HOST,
exten => 5599,6,Goto(4)
exten => 5599,7,Hangup

The digit is sent to the /sip message.

In Pd you would use something like:
[dumpOSC 10000]
[OSCroute /sip]
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