[PD] About internal delays

Mika Ristimäki mika.ristimaki at tkk.fi
Tue Nov 27 12:05:51 CET 2007

Hmm... Okay. Then the problem should be in the hardware. I'm doing  
this kind of room impulse response estimation with nlms method and I  
get nice impulse response but if there is some cracks in the sound  
(from cpu load and dropped frames I assume) the impulse response  
shifts with random delay which shouldn't happen. I am using RME  
Fireface 800 audio interface in windows xp environment. Does anyone  
knwo if that might cause some problems??


Quoting marius schebella <marius.schebella at gmail.com>:

> welcome to the pd-list!
> I am not sure, if many people still use the audiobuf flag, but I think
> it works... (another method would be to set the buffer in the audio
> settings.)
> and yes, it should stay stable during the whole time.
> what where the problems you had? because if the audio buffer is too low
> and Pd cannot handle the amount of data, the sound is shut down.
> usually a large buffer allows you to more complicated calculation (but
> increases latency).
> marius.
> Mika Ristimäki wrote:
>> Hi, all
>> My first post.. how exciting =)
>> Well anyway...just one quick question. Does the audio buffer size that
>> can be adjusted with -audiobuf flag stay constant all the time? Or is
>> it something that PD adjusts dynamically in case of dropped frames or
>> something? I been having some delay related problems and it seems that
>> sometimes it changes quite randomly. The problem might also be with my
>> hardware so now I'm just trying to find the source of the problem.
>> Thanks...
>> -Mika
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