[PD] pdlua compiling on mac

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 28 11:05:31 CET 2007

marius schebella hat gesagt: // marius schebella wrote:

> I am trying to compile a recent version of pdlua on my mac. I know that 
> last time I did this by putting lua.c into pd-extended and compile it 
> from there, but I don't know anymore, how that is done.
> the makefile that comes with the tarball does not work for os x, and I 
> also don't know how and what to include.
> what needs to be done to include this in pd-extended. is this possible 
> at all, since it relies on a lua installation. or could that also be 
> included in the pdlua package, since these files are not very big.

For fat systems like OS-X and MS-Windows I would recommend to consider
linking Lua statically. Lua itself is tiny:

$ ll /usr/lib/liblua5.1.a 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 212128 Sep 10  2006 /usr/lib/liblua5.1.a

so you could avoid relying on a Lua installation altogether. It only
requires ANSI-C so building it should be a breeze for someone in the
know of OS-X like Hans.

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