[PD] hex loader

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Nov 28 18:33:15 CET 2007

On Nov 27, 2007, at 4:11 PM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> hi
> patrick wrote:
>> IOhannes,
>>> _part_ of it is included in pd-vanilla (a bug has been fixed  
>>> recently
>>> with pd-0.41-test6 (or 7))
>> maybe that's why it's not working even if i removed -Werror:
> [...]
>> the include ../../../pd/src/s_stuff.h is from pd.0.41.08.
>> patrick
> are you sure?
> i cannot find a loader_t in s_stuff.h of pd-0.41-0test8.
> have you patched the pd-sources?

This is the patch in question, it exposes the loader_t and  
sys_register_loader() in s_stuff.h.  That seems like something  
worthwhile to support, no?

hans at palatschinken > cd ~/code/pure-data/packages/patches/
hans at palatschinken > grep loader_t *
expose_sys_register_loader-0.41.0-test03.patch:-typedef int  
(*loader_t)(t_canvas *canvas, char *classname);
expose_sys_register_loader-0.41.0-test03.patch:     loader_t loader;
expose_sys_register_loader-0.41.0-test03.patch:+typedef int  
(*loader_t)(t_canvas *canvas, char *classname);
expose_sys_register_loader-0.41.0-test03.patch:+EXTERN void  
sys_register_loader(loader_t loader);

It seems either I forgot to submit that patch to the tracker, or it  
got deleted somehow. Strange, I don't know why I wouldn't have  
submitted it, I wonder if SourceForge is having some issues, or I am  
losing my mind. I (re?)added it.



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