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Koray Tahiroglu koray.tahiroglu at taik.fi
Wed Nov 28 20:19:17 CET 2007

hello Tim,

Pduino (http://at.or.at/hans/pd/Pduino-0.3.1.zip) works fine with  
ArduinoBT for analog sensors, you need to change baud rate to 115200  
both in firmware and also in [comport]'s initial value.

for ultrasound and accelerator sensors, pulse problem can be solved  
by increasing the delay time in the arduino codes, however this is  
not a stable solution. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. Seems like  
digital sensors + ArduinoBT+PD needs another solution.

anyone has any experience with digital sensors + ArduinoBT+PD ?


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> I found that there were some people interested in getting Bluetooth
> Arduinos
> working with PD a few months ago. Anyone care to share the results of
> their experiments? We are currently looking at it and having no luck
> what so ever. There seem to be no online suggestions as to what our
> nonsuccess might be related to...
> cheers,
> tim

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