[PD] Kaossilator clone

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Fri Nov 30 13:03:19 CET 2007


I tried out your FUDIKaosDS today.

After displaying the message, "Connecting using WFC data...",
the LED indicating WIFI activity kept on blinking but never
(From the code in wifi.c I am imagining a message is expected
to show weather the attempt fails or not.)

I've looked around and found some notes that older versions
of libdswifi had compatibility issues with the following two

1. Adapters which use a 512kb flash for their firmware
2. DS manufactured relatively recently (That's probably me!)

This problem is said to have been fixed in later releases
of the library.
At least a binary I built using devkit1.4.4 I downloaded just
today is working fine and I am now very very happy.

You may also want to rebuild the binaries you are distributing
on your site using more recent libraries.

Anyway, thanks for the cool products.

David Shimamoto

> On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 11:26:39AM +0900, PSPunch wrote:
>> The last time I looked into DS development around Jun. '07,
>> I think there were some difficulties writing Wifi code that
>> worked on all types of cartridges.
> The greater problem is with disk/cart IO that works on all carts. As
> far as I know the same wifi code runs everywhere. I specifically avoid
> writing applications that need disk/cart access so I don't have to mess
> with the dldi stuff.
>> Chris, If you do not know yet and you are interested,
>> I can inform you how the compatibility goes with the R4.
> I am 99% sure it will work fine on that cartridge, but please let me
> know if it doesn't.
> Best,
> Chris.
> -------------------
> http://mccormick.cx

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