[PD] PD-list Digest, Vol 32, Issue 170

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Fri Nov 30 16:53:04 CET 2007

 > From: "David Schaffer" <schafferdavid at hotmail.com>
 > Hi! Does anyone know if Pd can handle RPN-NRPN messages?

Sure!  Pd does MIDI, and sine NRPN is really a subset of MIDI, it can be 
handled...but there aren't built-in abstractions.  Fortunately, I've 
done the hard work for you.  :)


Specifically, see nrpn_in.pd and nrpn_out.pd abstractions.  Those will 
probably be what you want.

Feedback is always appreciated...Good luck.


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