[PD] gem codec basic review

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Dec 1 00:11:34 CET 2007

patrick wrote:
> hi,
> i am on linux running the very last version of gem from cvs. i am trying 
> to find a good codec for gem. here's my basic research:
> ---------------------------------------
> the best codec for quicktime is jpeg:
> transcode -i yourvideo -y mov,null -F jpeg,,jpeg_quality=70 -o gem.mov
> gem cpu usage is 38%
> mplayer cpu usage is 27%
> ffplay cpu usage is 16%
> lqtplay cpu usage is 1% **
> * lqtplay seems to make a excellent job for decoding is own codec. would 
> it be possible to make a pix_qt based on the source of this player???

which coded is Gem using to decode the mov?
if it is quicktime4linux, then the results for _decoding_ should not 
differ so much.

apart from the fact that Gem uses openGL to display the video, which is 
portentially slower than xv-overlay...could you test to only decode the 
videos with [pix_film], without any [pix_texture] and compare these?
and put your video-files online so other people can participate in the 


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