[PD] [msgfile]

Andy Graybeal andy.graybeal at casanueva.com
Sun Dec 2 20:41:17 CET 2007

i'm having some problems with [msgfile].. this is the version i have:

[msgfile] part of zexy-2.2.0 (compiled: Nov 19 2007)
    Copyright (l) 1999-2007 IOhannes m zm��lnig,
forum::f��r::uml��ute & IEM

i got it out of _hc's pd-extended cvs.

the first time i put some data into the [msgfile]'s buffer, then "rewind"
and play with sequential "goto $1"s ..... it appears to lose the data, the
second time i record data, it works just fine... but it seems a little
sketchy, because the third time i try it, it doesn't work again.

i'm wondering if anyone has also experienced this?  i'll be the first to
admit that there is a large possibility of user error :)    but i can't
figure myself around it.

i'm hoping to build a type of data recorder / sequencer with this.


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