[PD] Pd + asterisk?

Russell Bryant russell at russellbryant.net
Mon Dec 3 02:19:00 CET 2007

drh270 wrote:
> This sounds great!

Cool, thanks for the interest.  :)

> Chris, in an earlier post mentioned using OSC, he was using a Python
> script, so communicating via OSC may be a starting point.

Yeah, I saw that.  Thanks for bringing up OSC again.  The trick is going to be
to have a real-time interface that provides both media and call signaling
access.  I could put together a native interface in Asterisk for OSC so that
digit presses could be sent out as OSC messages.  Then, optionally, at the same
time, the audio could be flowing in and out of Pd, as well.

> Seems to me that perhaps a SIP soft phone may be trickier because rtp
> audio comes in on many ports, what about a Pd iax2 phone object and
> have it listen to the audio on port 4569?

SIP is definitely much more complicated than IAX2, and you won't see me writing
a SIP interface.  I would definitely go for IAX2.  However, I would say that
it's not quite for the reason that you mentioned.  For RTP with SIP, ou always
know what port the audio is going to come in on, because you're in charge of
picking it.

One issue that is on my mind, is scalability.  It's clear to me how I could
implement a Pd patch that could process 1, 2, 3, ... calls, but it is not yet
clear to me how it could support any number N calls, up to what the network and
processing power can support.  However, it may be just be that my Pd knowledge
is still very lacking.  :)

> Is it possible to run Pd and Asterisk on the same machine? Like Icecast?

Sure.  There should be no problems with that.

Russell Bryant

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