[PD] gem codec basic review

patrick puredata at 11h11.com
Mon Dec 3 19:24:32 CET 2007


first of all, gem is now compiling fine under gutsy (no more problem 
with avifile).

what i am looking for is to playback the video back and forth, skip 
frames etc... there's an option when encoding with ffmpeg to put a 
keyframe every frame. so maybe not just jpeg codec can do the job... 

ffmpeg -i cow.avi -deinterlace -cropleft 40 -cropright 40 -b 300 -intra 
(-intra = keyframe every frame)

will produce a mpeg1video. trying to load this movie in gem doesn't 
work. gem report 0 frame (it doesn't crash).

mpeg3toc cow.mpg cow.toc and loading cow.toc will crash gem.

if i load the DV (cow.avi) in gem, 35% of my cpu is used. that's not bad...


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