[PD] Pd + asterisk?

Chris lists at proquariat.de
Mon Dec 3 21:53:33 CET 2007

Russell Bryant wrote:
> As I mentioned in another response to this thread, I'm going to try to make an
> interface like this that is native to Asterisk.  Then, I'd like to extend it
> further so that audio (and video) processing of the call could be in done in Pd,
> as well.
> If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see, please let me know.
I think for the beginning it would be nice to have all the AGI-features
available in PD, like dtmf-recognition or letting asterisk say numbers
or letters.

But having audio in- and output would be hot. But it's difficult, as
other people in this list said, there are many possibilities. I would
prefer the exclusive solution, the person who is first calling gets
connected to Pd, and for all other callers the pd-interface would report

You can still have some group-action, you could connect the pd-interface
to a meetme-application. Or you can handle individual calls and have
them connected to individual Pd-instances or to different places in one

Maybe having something like a chan_jack.so for the audio would be handy,
where you could do a Dial(jack/1) to connect a caller to a
asterisk-jack-device. You would have a config like
   exten => _.,1,Answer
   exten => _.,2,Dial(jack/1)
   exten => _.,3,Dial(jack/2)
   exten => _.,4,Dial(jack/3)
   exten => _.,5,Busy
for a maximum of three callers who get assigned to different
jack-channels for use in Pd or any other application. (This would be a
great feature for Podcasters to record calls!) And it would also provide
some load-balancing-functions, you could just do a
Dial(IAX/other.asterisk.server) and have another server with pd handle
another 10 callers.

But it's not possible to send meta-data like keypresses over jack.

Video processing sounds great, maybe asterisk could connect
video-callers to a v4l-device, so you could use this in gem.

Well, some weird thoughts. I have no idea how hard this all would be to
code, but anyway I'd like to beta-test when there's something ready.


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