[PD] Pd + asterisk?

Russell Bryant russell at russellbryant.net
Tue Dec 4 05:42:26 CET 2007

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Now that I think about it, it would also work to have each call open  
> an instance of a patch within one constantly running Pd process.   
> Then when the call is dropped, that patch instance would close.  For  
> this to work well, we'd need to add the ability for a patch to close  
> itself programmatically (currently, when a patch sends menuclose to  
> itself, Pd crashes :( )

Yes, that would certainly be the ideal way to do it.  In fact, instead of
messing around with multiple Pd processes, I would much rather just help solve
whatever the problem is that causes this not to work.

Are there any existing bug reports or any previous discussions about the problem?

Russell Bryant

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