[PD] Windows nightly builds are back

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Wed Dec 5 16:04:43 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 10:24 +0100, João Miguel Pais wrote:
> >> by the way, when installing the files and the "file already exists"  
> >> dialog, please add a "always" button. it's a bit uneffective having to  
> >> press the y key for several minutes, until all files are there.
> >
> > Uninstalling first is a solution to this.  Please file a bug report on  
> > that though.
> I will. that's true, but the desirable behaviour for a program that  
> frequently is updated is that it just overwrites itself - skype, firefox,  
> ccleaner, ...
> >> weird tcl/tk behaviour here as well.
> >>
> >> what does "libdir_loader: added cyclone to the global classpath" mean?
> >
> > Pd 0.40 adds canvas-local namespaces.  that message means a library has  
> > been loaded into the global namespace.
> ok. but maybe it might be nice to replace it with something in "english".  
> it's nicer to users that don't care about those details.

i don't agree. i think, if there are messages printed to console at all,
they should be very accurate and use accurate terms. Otherwise more
experienced people would have to translate every message back. 

i don't like the idea of making things appear simple, if they are not. i
still consider pd to be a programming language and in order to deal with
a programming language,  you need to use adequate terminology. i think
it helps everyone and causes confusion less likely (also for beginners),
if terminology is consistent. 

after all, you don't have to care about messages, that are _not_



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