[PD] Object to store images and movies.

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Dec 6 09:53:26 CET 2007

Javier Garcia wrote:
> Wellcome Donal,
> i think you are speaking about a tooooo much complex aplication to be and object (at least nowadays). 

an object can have arbitrary complexity.
you could make a [linux] object, that runs a virtualized full operating 

however, the power of Pd is in _not_ having such blown-up object but a 
small, (more or less) orthogonal set of objects that allo you to build 
more complex objects.

in this case: there is no high-level object that provides a "media 
database"; but you can build your own in Pd (if you wanted a single 
(external) object that does all for you, you would better search (or 
create) a specialized application and stay away from Pd for that very 
there are loads of ways to do the database, depending on your needs you 
can use file-system based storage of (media-)data, keep simple/numeric 
(meta-)data in tables, keep more complex data in textfiles, keep even 
more complex data in data-structures.

all in all, you will have to keep your media-data (films, images) on 
your harddisk instead of a specilized object, and you will be glad about 
that once you have 30 gig of data and your RAM exploded....

> You can construct that application with pd, but start from the begining with the doc.

that is good advice


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