[PD] [tabread~~] (again)

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Dec 7 06:04:44 CET 2007


i wanted to play with [tabread~~] and checked out a fresh zexy and
compiled and it went fine. when instantiating [tabread~~], i get an
error though:

load_object: Symbol "setup_tabread40x7e_tild" not found
... couldn't create

grep -d recurse "setup_tabread40x7e_tild" externals/

showed me only:

externals/zexy/src/tabread4~~.c:void setup_tabread40x7e_tilde(void)
Binary file externals/zexy/src/tabread4~~.o matches
Binary file externals/zexy/src/tabread4~~.pd_linux matches

note the 'e' at the end of "void setup_tabread40x7e_tilde(void)" while
pd says: Symbol "setup_tabread40x7e_tild" not found (without 'e').

i don't get it. help appreciated.


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