[PD] [psql] object hand-holding

Jamie Bullock jamie at postlude.co.uk
Sat Dec 8 00:19:51 CET 2007

Hi Andy,

On Fri, 2007-12-07 at 16:12 -0500, andy.graybeal at casanueva.com
> i installed postgresql, and got it running, created a user for myself,
> compiled [psql] from postlude (i'm using pd-extended from cvs).
> i opened up the psql-help file and started with the first instruction, and
> it created the database fine, i moved to the second command and get this
> error:
> psql: Action failed. PQresultStatus is PGRES_FATAL_ERROR
> i'm wondering where i can look for more information about what is going
> wrong, and what i can do to fix it.

I think you are experiencing this because the DATETIME type is
deprecated, and the helpfile is hopelessly out-of-date. You can confirm
this by 'tailing' the logfile whilst running the query:

    sudo tail -f /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-8.2-main.log

That's assuming you're on Unix/Linux, although I'm sure there must be
some way to watch the log on Windows also. You should see the relevant
error there.

You might also want to test the external by trying the 'CREATE TABLE'
query without including the datetime column. 

> i think it would be wonderful if i could start using a database to store
> values :)

Indeed. You might also want to look at the new SQLite external Mike is
working on.




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