[PD] pd and max (2)

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 8 02:22:53 CET 2007

>> How about a list of things that are special, and could be put into pd  
>> to  make it more special?
>>  - all objects based on "invisible cords" (sends- and receive-based   
>> objects) could have a shortcut to its counterparts like in max. I   
>> personally avoid these kinds of objects as much as possible, but in  
>> some  situations they are the only viable solution.
> i though max/msp has send/receive too.

I meant what was commented after by Kyle. In max if you right-click (or  
something) on a send (or send~, receive~, or maybe also in catch~?),  
you'll get a list of the counterparts of that object. and if you click on  
them, the patch window will appear. (I haven't used max in a while, I  
think it was that way)

>>  - auto-setting size for objects? if you have a gate object with more  
>> than  4 outputs (or any other object), you'll need to make some garbage  
>> text or
> hmm; apart from the fact that [gate] does not exist as an object in Pd,  
> i also thought that it has only one output...

it exists, I'm looking at one now. if not gate, then something else with  
more outputs as body.

>> something in order to work with it. since it is quite logical that  
>> when  the user needs outputs they should be acessible, an elegant  
>> solution would  be to assign a minimal value to the gap between  
>> outputs. if the standard  space of the object isn't big enough, the  
>> object will make itself bigger  automatically.
>> Although the stretching possibility in max is quite useful as well.
> afaik, max/msp has both: the object automatically resizes to a suitable  
> default, but the user can then resize the object to their likings.

ah, ok. it would make sense to put it like that in pd as well.

>>  is there a place in the wiki or something to put suggestions like  
>> these?
> one place to put them would be the tracker at sourceforge (create a  
> bug-report and tag it as "wishlist" or "feature request").
> btw, i like all of your ideas

they're not all mine, most of this mail were from max itself. but they're  
good ideas anyway.

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