[PD] phasor time scaling

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Dec 8 14:24:07 CET 2007

Jamie Bullock hat gesagt: // Jamie Bullock wrote:

> Has anyone implemented 'phasor time scaling' as an abstraction (or
> external)? I know it is relatively easy scale a phasor where the
> frequency of the scaled phasor is an integer multiple of the master
> phasor:
> [phasor~]
> |
> [*~ 2]
> |
> [wrap~]
> ...but what about non-integer multiples, and fractional scaling?

A full phasor~ whose frequency is a non-integer multiple of the freq
of another phasor~ will not start again at zero everytime, when the
first phasor~ starts at zero. For example a phasor with 1.5 times the
frequency of the first phasor~ would be in sync only every 3 cycles.
So you cannot sync the second phasor with the first phasor on *every*
jump of the first phasor with wrap~ ... without keeping track of where
the second phasor is.

What you could do instead is calculate wrapped phasors from a very
slow phasor like [phasor~ 1] as a base. All phasors derived from that
will sync once every second.

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