[PD] phasor time scaling

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 9 20:14:47 CET 2007

cyrille henry hat gesagt: // cyrille henry wrote:

> i think if the input can only be a phasor you can : 
> -differenciate the phasor (with a biquad: out(t) = in(t) - in(t-1) )
> -ignore negative value (with a test on a expr~ object by exemple)
> -multiply by scale factor
> -integrated this value (with a biquad: out(t) = in(t) + out(t-1) )
> -wrap the result

I tested this (attached) and it kind of works, but it doesn't seem to
be phase synced, so one could just as well use a second phasor~. Or
did I do something wrong?

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