[PD] general questions on externals

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 17:01:18 CET 2007


The uni i am collaborating with has an engineer that did a image 
analisys tool on C couple of years ago. Now they want to port parts of 
it to PD creating an external. The engineer that does the job is 
checking the documentation about externals but he was getting some error.

He doesnt have internet at home, doesnt like it. And does not use email 
much, on top of this he does not speak english ... :( so this might end 
up like japanese whispers ...

As far as I understood he was trying to do a "hello world" example and 
was able to compile but the PD was not able to create the object despite 
of being placed into a folder within the PD path. He is using Visual 
Studio to compile. He was checking Flext as well. He was confused and he 
was asking which is the best way to go about creating externals under 
windows. I think he is using Visual Studio to compile.

Sorry for such a stupid and basic question but I dont have a clue about 
externals so i cannot help him much directly.

thanks for any tip!


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