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Mike McGonagle mjmogo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 00:30:38 CET 2007

On 12/9/07, Thomas Grill <gr at grrrr.org> wrote:
> Mike McGonagle schrieb:
> I know and it has been on my todo list for a long time. The point is
> that it hasn't made it to the top of this list since i don't need it.
> On the other hand it doesn't seem so important in general that any other
> person has cared to do it although i consider it a trivial task and i
> offered my support for any questions that might arise.

Well, this is not something that is within reach of many people. We need to
understand not just PD's internals, but how flext uses them, and we also
need to know how to integrate these things with the extended nightly builds.
Not quite certain how many people know ALL of these things. Probably only a
handful, and it would appear that none of them are interested in getting
flext working.

> Could you point out where in the source for flext that allows the
> > inclusion of lists to a 'cold' inlet, and that allows the use of
> > arbitrary selectors?
> I'm not sure if the flext code is easy to read because it handles Max
> and PD in the same file, but it is in flout.cpp (method
> flext_base::InitInlets ) and flproxy.cpp.
> There must be other externals using proxy inlets, probably zexy or other
> iem-based stuff.

Thanks for the pointers, I will check them out.

Does anyone know of any objects that are built without flext that use
arbitrary selectors on a cold inlet? I would be more than happy to look at
that code and see how this is done.

I also downloaded the latest version of flext, and will try again to see if
I can get this working. That being said, if we do go the route of using
flext, then we should decide now if we should continue developing an SQL
interface, or just use 'pool'.



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