[PD] gridflow for expert people ?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Dec 10 02:13:31 CET 2007

On Sun, 9 Dec 2007, Jack wrote:

> OK, it seems that GF is a powerfull tool. But why there is no basic tutorial 
> for beginner to install it ?
> Because :

You didn't have to paste the complete install.html text...

> 1) Where to DL Ruby and how to install it (macosx) ?

I installed it using Fink, perhaps, but if not, then http://ruby-lang.org/ 
is the main site, as you can find immediately with Google.

> 3) With Macosx, how to use Fink (what we do with it ?) what can we do 
> with Fink to configure GF ?

In Fink you find the packages that are listed exactly in that section of 
install.html, you select them, and you click "install" (or whatever they 
decided to call it)

> 4) Set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH : where is it and what is it ?

All the "_PATH" things are environment variables. It's a pity that none of 
the UNIX systems (OSX, Linux, etc) handle them automatically, but at the 
same time it's the official way to configure that kind of stuff. You will 
need to use the "export" command of the shell.

> 5) It's like chinese langage for me.

You will need to learn a bit of shell language (the command language 
normally used in the Terminal)

> 7) And we save it on the desktop ?

No, "~/" means Home folder, but I just removed step 7 because it's 
obsolete. GF does it automatically.

> 8) For linux only (equivalent for OSX ?)

Perhaps that it would've been compilable for OSX, but we never tried, and 
anyway we are removing LtiLib support in favour of OpenCV.

> Note) On MacOS the dot-files are invisible in the Finder : are you sure ?

Is there a Finder option to show dot-files? There's one on Linux.

> Why GF is not include with pd-extended ?

Long story. We couldn't agree on who should do that work, and in the end, 
Alexandre Castonguay volunteered for that, but it's not finished. Other 
reasons are that I wouldn't be allowed to bundle Ruby with Pd-Extended, 
and that copying GridFlow from one CVS to another was too complicated or 
boring. This is in the process of getting solved, slowly.

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