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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Dec 10 16:51:25 CET 2007

On Dec 10, 2007, at 6:47 AM, Thomas Grill wrote:

> Mike McGonagle schrieb:
>> On 12/9/07, *Thomas Grill* <gr at grrrr.org <mailto:gr at grrrr.org>>  
>> wrote:
>>     Mike McGonagle schrieb:
>>     I know and it has been on my todo list for a long time. The  
>> point is
>>     that it hasn't made it to the top of this list since i don't  
>> need it.
>>     On the other hand it doesn't seem so important in general that  
>> any
>>     other
>>     person has cared to do it although i consider it a trivial  
>> task and i
>>     offered my support for any questions that might arise.
>> Well, this is not something that is within reach of many people. We
>> need to understand not just PD's internals, but how flext uses them,
>> and we also need to know how to integrate these things with the
>> extended nightly builds. Not quite certain how many people know  
>> ALL of
>> these things. Probably only a handful, and it would appear that none
>> of them are interested in getting flext working.
> It's not like that. It's certainly not a precondition to understand  
> the
> inner workings of pd, flext or the operating system to compile an  
> external.
> Integrating flext or anything else into the pd-extended build system,
> needs knowledge of the pd-extended build system and not much more.  
> It's
> absolutely not necessary to understand flext to do this integration. I
> don't have sufficient knowledge of the pd-extended build system and  
> i'm
> not going to spend time on dealing with it, but whoever is  
> interested in
> the integration can dive into it, write the necessary make files (i
> could even provide skeletons for this) and stuff it into the build
> system in the usual free-style manner.

If flext had a autoconf build system, it would be trivial to add,  
just like Gem, PDP, PiDiP, zexy, etc..  The issue now is a custom  
build system that is difficult to script to work automatically cross- 
platform.  (or maybe it's not difficult, but it's custom so noone  
knows how).

Basically all it would take to add an autoconf system to Pd-extended  
is changing the paths here:

$(externals_src)/pdp/configure: $(externals_src)/pdp/configure.ac
	cd $(externals_src)/pdp && autoconf

$(externals_src)/pdp/Makefile.config: $(externals_src)/pdp/ 
	cd $(externals_src)/pdp && ./configure PD_CPPFLAGS="-I$(pd_src)/src" \

$(externals_src)/pdp/pdp.$(EXTENSION):  $(externals_src)/pdp/configure \
	$(MAKE) -C $(externals_src)/pdp PD_EXECUTABLE="$(pd_src)/bin/pd"

pdp: $(externals_src)/pdp/pdp.$(EXTENSION)

pdp_install: pdp
#	install -d $(objectsdir)/$(PDP_NAME)
#	$(scripts_src)/generate-libdir-metafile.sh $(objectsdir) $(PDP_NAME) \
#		--author "Tom Schouten" \
#		--description "Pure Data Packet" \
#		--license "GNU GPL"
	install -p $(externals_src)/pdp/*.$(EXTENSION) $(objectsdir)
#	install -p $(externals_src)/pdp/abstractions/*.pd $(objectsdir)/$ 
	install -p $(externals_src)/pdp/abstractions/*.pd $(objectsdir)
#	install -d $(helpdir)/$(PDP_NAME)
	install -p $(externals_src)/pdp/doc/objects/*.* $(helpdir)
	install -d $(manualsdir)/$(PDP_NAME)
	install -p $(externals_src)/pdp/doc/reference.txt $(manualsdir)/$ 
	install -p $(externals_src)/pdp/doc/introduction/*.* \
	install -d $(examplesdir)/$(PDP_NAME)
	install -p $(externals_src)/pdp/doc/examples/*.* \


>> I also downloaded the latest version of flext, and will try again to
>> see if I can get this working. That being said, if we do go the route
>> of using flext, then we should decide now if we should continue
>> developing an SQL interface, or just use 'pool'.
> I would be very interested what exactly isn't working with flext for
> you. I just sshd into linux, checked out flext, pool and pd from  
> cvs and
> compiled flext and pool without a single warning.
> I did exactly as described in the readme.txt files and it took about 2
> minutes.
> I have heard "it doesn't work" many many times, but it's completely
> non-constructive to say that without saying why or what.
> gr~~~
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