[PD] Is it possible to rotate particles?

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Tue Dec 11 07:22:49 CET 2007


Added one extra array to your patch and I've achieved
pretty much all I needed. thanks! sample attached.

Thank god the IDs don't continue to increment..
Preparing a 'round robin' table for this could've made
things a lot more messy.

David Shimamoto

> You want to use part_info for that. and it depends on what you want to 
> relate the rotation to... if you just relate it to age or position or 
> ID, then it is easy, but if you want a different random rotation speed 
> for each particle, that's more difficult. I only can think of using a 
> table for that, but I am not so sure, if this would be fast... and then 
> use a combination of ID and everytime when the age is 1 write new 
> values. I attach a patch that does this, but I think you probably don't 
> need to do it so complicated.
> marius.
> PSPunch wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Taking a break from audio processing for a while, I am lately
>> appreciating playing around with GEM.
>> I was wondering if there is an object that can add random rotation to
>> each particle, or whither this was possible at all.
>> I am imagining that the program internally contains the location and
>> vector of each particle. If there is no array tracking the rotation (and
>> maybe a rotation vector) of each particle, perhaps this is not possible
>> easily.
>> My initial goal is to render the particles as geos and have each
>> rotate at different speeds.
>> Any ideas appreciated.
>> Thanks.
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>> David Shimamoto
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