[PD] re . xml-rpc client

jim ruxton cinetron at passport.ca
Tue Dec 11 01:37:07 CET 2007


>> Thanks I looked at that but it wasn't clear to me how I could connect to
>> an external server such as
>> http://xmlrpc-c.sourceforge.net/api.sample.php with this. Do I need to
>> run a python script along with the patch? Is there a help file some
>> where?

>Well, there is an help pach: look in /externals/iem/iemxmlrpc
>  (I think not a help patch, but an example patch).
> And you should be able to use that with any other language than python ...


Thanks Georg . I saw this patch but it doesn't really have any explanation associated with it that I can see.
Also one would have to run another script in Python or something to make the xml-rpc calls if I understand it correctly.
Is that correct? I was wondering if there was an external with the xml-rpc library included to avoid having to use anything 
along with PD. In the ideal case one would use only PD as the client and be able to contact a remote xml-rpc server directly.
I guess this isn't currently available or perhaps I just don't understand iemxmlrpc?

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