[PD] phasor time scaling

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Tue Dec 11 11:53:25 CET 2007

Jamie Bullock wrote:
> Hi Cyrille,
>> well, the max~ 0 is not the perfect way to remove negative value. it would be beter to replace the negative value with the previus value.
> Are you saying that if one replaced the negative value with the previous
> value, the phasors _would_ be phase synced? It would certainly be
> possible to do this if I implemented it as an external.

It would sync if the [phasor~] doesn't change frequency, otherwise some 
other kind of extrapolation to replace the negative value would work.

Actually, if the [phasor~] is below the Nyquist frequency, shouldn't it 
be that you just add 1 to the negative value to get the correct positive 

An external is probably best, with a wrap~ built into the integration 
loop, because summing lots of tiny values to a large accumulator leads 
to rounding errors pretty quickly.



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