[PD] VOSIM with a tiny bug

Andy Farnell padawan12 at obiwannabe.co.uk
Wed Dec 12 05:21:58 CET 2007

Hmm, isn't the second [wrap~] redundant anyway?

On Tue, 11 Dec 2007 15:07:17 +0100
Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> attached is some stretched  phasor~ fun for your classic synthesis
> methods class: an implementation of the VOSIM algorithm for speech
> synthesis etc. as invented by Kaegi/Templaars. 
> My implementation is almost correct, but has a slight bug, which you
> can see if you set M and T to the values indicated by message boxes,
> set N to 2 or 3 and and set b to be larger than 0. Then the step
> function which scales the amplitude of the sin^2 pulses starts
> irregularily. I'm quite sure this comes from the way I use [samphold~]
> inside [vosim~] as it sometimes samples the wrong value. However I
> don't yet know of a proper workaround. (One workaround would be to
> just omit the samhold-step, but the result would not be VOSIM
> according to the textbooks.)
> So anybody with a good idea? 
> Ciao
> -- 
>  Frank Barknecht                                     _ ______footils.org__

Use the source

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