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giucant giucant at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 23:31:38 CET 2007

I use youtube mainly because it is simple and
everybody know it and yea, i like vacuum-cleaners,
above all their sound... ;-)

i agree with you about having a pd video search engine
even embedded in a dedicated pdpedia wiki page.

But i have thought a PD Videopedia mainly as a
community effort to make filters and to extend the
community itself...

i have some experience in music/audio teaching and
training: a beginner prefers a filtered information
because actually he doesn't know exactly what to
search in mare magnum, and categories can help him in
the pd discovery.
and there is always a rizoma danger...
geeks like Deleuze's rizomas, but students need
Porfirio's trees... (a really weak thought :)

maybe we should have the two paradigms
search-engine/filtered-information embedded in a
pdpedia wiki page using a a PDmotion video server (but
i really don't know how to implement it, i'd need your
help). What do you think?

In the meantime please continue to signal video stuff
and feel free to partecipate/sponsor this project.


--- Jean-Noël Montagné <jnm at rom.fr> ha scritto:

> OK, there are and there will be more videos about PD
> on youtube and 
> colleagues. The problem is not to organize PD
> contents on youtube, 
> this monopolistic video vacuum-cleaner, but to
> organize the links to 
> the youtube/dailymotion etc. PD videos to find the
> right video at the 
> right time.
> Some solutions:
> -create a "video links" page on the official
> puredata.info wiki, with 
> categories index, links and descriptions of each
> film +tag about the 
> language of the video.
> -create an international "video links" page on
> pdpedia wiki, with 
> categories index,  links and descriptions of each
> film+tag about the 
> language of the video.
> but I would prefer:
> -Install a PDmotion video server, exempted from
> advertising, ( 
> Oggvorbis/theora/icecast or Red5 driven ), and use
> PDpedia.
> ....
> JN
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