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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Dec 13 03:12:19 CET 2007

I think the main problem with youtube is that you can't download the  
source video.  Bascally they try to prevent you from downloading it.   
You can download the .flv with some hacks, but it would be nicer to  
use a site that encourages people to download videos in a format that  
is easily reusable (e.g. archive.org).

As long as people also publish the videos elsewhere in a good format,  
I don't think it's a problem having them up on youtube.  And youtube  
works write now, so I think that this youtube channel is definitely a  
worthwhile project.


On Dec 12, 2007, at 5:31 PM, giucant wrote:

> I use youtube mainly because it is simple and
> everybody know it and yea, i like vacuum-cleaners,
> above all their sound... ;-)
> i agree with you about having a pd video search engine
> even embedded in a dedicated pdpedia wiki page.
> But i have thought a PD Videopedia mainly as a
> community effort to make filters and to extend the
> community itself...
> i have some experience in music/audio teaching and
> training: a beginner prefers a filtered information
> because actually he doesn't know exactly what to
> search in mare magnum, and categories can help him in
> the pd discovery.
> and there is always a rizoma danger...
> geeks like Deleuze's rizomas, but students need
> Porfirio's trees... (a really weak thought :)
> maybe we should have the two paradigms
> search-engine/filtered-information embedded in a
> pdpedia wiki page using a a PDmotion video server (but
> i really don't know how to implement it, i'd need your
> help). What do you think?
> In the meantime please continue to signal video stuff
> and feel free to partecipate/sponsor this project.
> ciao
> j
> --- Jean-Noël Montagné <jnm at rom.fr> ha scritto:
>> OK, there are and there will be more videos about PD
>> on youtube and
>> colleagues. The problem is not to organize PD
>> contents on youtube,
>> this monopolistic video vacuum-cleaner, but to
>> organize the links to
>> the youtube/dailymotion etc. PD videos to find the
>> right video at the
>> right time.
>> Some solutions:
>> -create a "video links" page on the official
>> puredata.info wiki, with
>> categories index, links and descriptions of each
>> film +tag about the
>> language of the video.
>> -create an international "video links" page on
>> pdpedia wiki, with
>> categories index,  links and descriptions of each
>> film+tag about the
>> language of the video.
>> but I would prefer:
>> -Install a PDmotion video server, exempted from
>> advertising, (
>> Oggvorbis/theora/icecast or Red5 driven ), and use
>> PDpedia.
>> ....
>> JN
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